Dipla is a compact non-thermal plasma generator for medical applications.

Cold plasma is a special physical plasma, which is not in local thermodynamical equilibrium. Heavier particles like Ions and Atoms stay at room temperature, while only the much lighter electrons have a high temperature. So it can be used on any living tissue because any thermal effects are neglectable.

Cold plasma consists of several active species, who all contribute to the beneficial effects. There is electromagnetic radiation (IR, visible light, UV), static electric fields, Ions and electrons, excited molecules and atoms and reactive oxygen and nitrogen oxide species.


High Integration

The electrode and high voltage generator are one unit, a piezoelectric transformer. This greatly reduces cost and improves operational safety and reliability.

High efficiency

With a plasma output power of up to 10W, the plasma generator can be run continuously for up to half an hour on two small Li-Ion cells integrated into the device.

Unmatched portability

Through advanced miniaturization and optimization of all components, dipla is shorter than a pen, without a need for an external energy supply during operation.

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